Qualifications to be Your Partner

Decades of Expertise, Experience and Results

At Omron Safety Solutions in the Americas, we have more than 100 years of combined experience in industrial machine safeguarding. Every Omron Certified Safety Engineer has extensive internal training and is certified by an independent third party organization.

Most important we have real world experience with a track record of success- in just three years we’ve assessed more than 12,000 machines and performed remediation on nearly 4,000 of those. This level of achievement is truly a product of our people, the safety specialists who work with companies lie your every day.

Why Omron is qualified to be your partner?

The expertise required in all phases of the safeguarding process is not a core competency of most manufacturers. Their engineering and maintenance personnel are too busy to get involved with required details of guarding systems and safety interfaces.

Omron employees serve as active members or chairmen on more than 20 domestic and international standards committees relating to machine safeguarding issues. This level of involvement and investment of time assures we keep current on all the latest updates to these standards. And we pass our knowledge on to you!

The best part of partnering with Omron is your peace of mind knowing that you have complete compliance at a pace to fit your budget. And,

  • your machines or process lines are safeguarded correctly to the current standards
  • you are 100% compliant -- nothing less
  • you have documented risk level identification and a risk reduction strategy
  • your machine operators are fully and professionally trained on the safety systems installed
  • you are saving money because machine safety improvements only need to be done once

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