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Safety Integration Completion Guarantee

Omron Knows That You’ll Be Satisfied

As the industry’s most efficient and professional installer of safeguards and devices, Omron offers a completion guarantee on its safety integration projects.

What is a completion guarantee? It is a guarantee that Omron will complete the safety integration project on or ahead of schedule.

Omron is known for completing large scale machine safeguarding projects on or ahead of schedule thus releasing machines back to production sooner than anyone else. The net result is a direct cost savings to the customer. If Omron is solely responsible for the delay, we will credit your invoice 4% for that portion of the machine/project that did not meet the agreed upon installation schedule.

Omron can offer such a guarantee because of its experienced and professional installation teams, project managers, safety system engineers and assessors.

Successful safety integration starts with a thorough and documented assessment of the machines to be guarded. An assessment provides the right information which allows the customer and vendor to clearly understand the scope of work on all levels. The assessment will also give a clear written description and drawing of the guarding concept. This allows your production personnel to review and understand the guarding concept prior to the installation of the guards and devices, allowing for most changes to be made prior to the integration team even arriving on-site. Armed with this information, you are assured of maintaining or increasing production rates after the guards and devices are installed.

The direct costs of having your critical machines out of production for longer periods of time than expected, or your operator’s inability to produce as much product due to a poor guarding scheme can have a significant impact on the plant’s bottom line. These are the hidden costs of a safeguarding installation which can easily be prevented if you know how to do it properly.

If you want to be assured of a successful machine safeguarding project with no hidden costs, request the following:

  1. Documented assessment report that, at a minimum, includes: risk assessment methodology and process used, risk level score before guarding, required safety related control level based on the assessed risk level, risk level after the guards and devices are installed, drawing of the guarding concept showing materials, type, size, and approximate location of the proposed safeguards and devices. This assures that production personnel will have a clear understanding of the guarding concept and impact on production.
  2. List of references that shows the credibility of the machine safety integrator.
  3. Completion Guarantee to ensure machines will be guarded to the standards and released to production on schedule.

Delays that are not caused by Omron are excluded from this guarantee such as: Customer is unable to release the machine from production per the agreed schedule, Strikes/Union created delays, Acts of God, Customer requested changes to the schedule or guarding plan, etc...