Educating your Organization

Machine Safety Guarding

Educating your Organization

Are you looking for support to help you improve machine safety? Omron has a number of machine safeguarding resources to help you create a safer, more productive plant, including:

Machine Safeguarding Skill Builder Seminar

  • Are you confident your machines are guarded to the relevant standards?
  • Have all steps been taken to prevent injuries from process equipment?
  • Has a documented machine guarding assessment been done to verify compliance?
  • If you're not sure, or the answer is no to any of these questions, then your facility can benefit from an Omron Machine Safeguarding Skill Builder Seminar.

Skill Builders are training seminars that educate your personnel on the requirements and methods of machine and process safeguarding.

This helps plant personnel to identify, and sometimes correct, machine safeguarding discrepancies. Two Omron professionals will conduct the training at your manufacturing plant.

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Guest Speaker Program

Need a guest speaker at your upcoming safety conference?

Omron has experienced personnel specifically-trained as guest speakers for regional, national and global safety conferences. These guest speaker appearances are aimed at compliance issues and not products. Omron understands that this is a training venue and not a sales presentation. The only cost to you is our travel expenses.

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Gotcha Stick

Based on regulatory data, Omron STI developed the Gotcha Stick safe distance measurement tool

This free tool is a quick and easy way to verify the safe mounting distance of fixed guards with gaps or openings.

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