Asset Relocation & Consolidation

Machine Safety Guarding

Omron creates a new service to help companies through changing and challenging times

Due to economic conditions, many companies are downsizing and consolidating. They are getting lean and keen. This can mean plant or facility consolidation and asset relocation.

There are a few key questions that need to be asked and answered before relocating production equipment:

  • How many machines should be relocated?
  • What are the decision criteria to select one machine over another?

Typically, the following are considered:

  1. Machine production rates
  2. Machine uses – how versatile is the machine
  3. Reliability and maintainability of the machine
  4. Machine compliance with the federal and local safety requirements. If the machines are not compliant, what is needed?
  5. Cost to bring machines into compliance

Plant production and maintenance personnel can provide answers and rating scores for the first three criteria. The remainder are best left for machine safety experts to answer.